Eligibility Check

Eligibility Check

Thank you for booking an appointment to Give Life.

Before going ahead, ask yourself if you are feeling well and are able to perform normal activities because to donate blood you must be in good general health. Taking most prescription medications does not usually prevent you from donating. If you are taking any, check the acceptable medications list first.

You also…

  • Weigh 110 lbs or more.
  • Have not travelled outside Canada or the U.S. in the last 12 months but if you have, check here.
  • Did not have a dental cleaning or filling today or dental surgery in the last 72 hours.
  • Did not get a new tattoo or piercing in the last 3 months.
  • Have not been pregnant or had a baby in the last 6 months.
  • Did not spend 3 months or more cumulatively in the United Kingdom between 1980 through 1996.

Still have some questions about criteria? Then check out the ABCs page.

Remember, since today is your donation day, make sure you have something to eat and have had a good night’s sleep.


Just so you know, this online questionnaire will not let you know whether or not you are eligible to donate today. Now that you know that, if you have any questions now, please call us at 1 888 2 DONATE.

Final eligibility is determined by staff at the blood donor clinic. And by completing this questionnaire, you are agreeing that you are the person who will be donating.

Remember, that’s 1-888-236-6283 if you aren’t sure either now or after answering the questions. We’re ready for your call.

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Please don’t change your name on the Questionnaire…you might have to redo it in clinic if you do!

You can print or save your Q-Pass as a pdf and email it to your mobile device or printing a hard copy works too of course!

If you leave this page you have to come back to get to the Questionnaire. See you soon!